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Empowering businesses to transform the way they interact with people.

Kenai is your go-to workspace management system for providing flexible solutions that enable your business to see, assist and interact with everyone and everything flowing through your workplace.

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Create a safe, secure workplace

We utilize cutting edge technology to replace outdated and frustrating processes with new streamlined solutions that businesses can be proud of. Kenai offers a broad and diverse scope of solutions in order to provide an integrated and seamless workspace platform

Welcome your visitors with the incredibly simple visitor management system that creates the best first impression.
Help employees feel safe through our employee management solution which effectively supports the ever changing modern workplace.
Manage your busy parking lots with our efficient Parking Management Solution, and have real-time over sight over parking distribution and capacity.

The best way to welcome your visitors, is to recognize them

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Visitors fill in details once

Visitors only fill in their details once, either onsite or at home through pre-registration

They get recognized

Visitors get recognized when they arrive at your location for the most seamless experience possible

Kenai does the rest

Digitally logs all visits prints visitor badges and notifies hosts when visitors arrive

Kenai has a solution for you

Learn how Kenai can help solve your specific business needs in the most seamless way possible

Create a seamless and impressive check-in process​

Create a seamless and impressive check-in process​

Remember every user with facial recognition. Take all the stress out of booking parking, induction and COVID-19 screening with pre-registration. Connect visitors to hosts with notifications and alerts​.

Workplace health and safety

Workplace health and safety

Make your workplace safe and secure by providing real-time oversight of your people and assets through logs, inductions, and critical alerts.

Enhance building security

Enhance building security

Stop collecting false information by verifying personal identifiers and capturing a consistent biometric of every person that enters your building.

Meet compliance requirements

Meet compliance requirements

From data privacy to protecting your IP, Kenai facilitates all of your internal and external compliance requirements.

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Works for any building

The Kenai kiosk can be configured for single or multi tenant locations with each company getting access to the full suite of kenai features

Single Tenanted

Kenai scales across all of your office locations through a simple hierarchy system, while giving central oversight over all your visitors

Multi Tenanted

Every visitor to your building signs in through a single Kenai kiosk, while all tenants get the benefit of the full suite of Kenai features

single tenant building
multi tenant building

Your visitors, your brand

At Kenai we want to enhance your brand, and that’s why we make it easy for you to customize the full visitor journey with your logo and colours carried throughout.

Kenai has completely transformed our visitor experience into a delightful journey from pre-registration to physical sign in

Eswee VorsterHead of IT and Innovation at FlySafair