Make a lasting impression on your visitors

Wow your visitors with sleek visitor management software that recognises returning visitors and enhances your brand image

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Visitors can pre-register before they arrive

Let your visitors pre-register on any of their devices before they arrive with an experience worthy of your brand.

Manage parking and induction

Visitors can book parking and complete induction before they arrive at your building.

Pre-register with a selfie

Visitors can take an optinal selfie to speed up their first time sign in when they arrive at your office

Your visitors are recognized in seconds

Recognize returning or pre-registered visitors for the most seemless and welcoming sign in possible

Get notified of your visitors arrival

As soon as a visitor signs in, their host is notified of their arrival via email and SMS

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Integrates with your chat

Receive notifications through your current current communication channels, including Slack, Skype for Business and many more

Reduce reception waiting times

Your host can meet visitors in reception when notified of their arrival, instead of waiting for a phone call from reception

Know who to greet

A email notification with a photo of your visitor lets you know who to greet, making awkward hellos history

Bigen Reception

Your brand through the full visitor journey

Showcase your brand throught the visitor journey, starting with the visitor invites and ending with the sign in kiosk

Custom logo and colours

Customize your logo and colours any time to match your brand orcsr special occasion

Stylish Kiosk

Enhance your lobby with a slick iPad sign in and clutter free reception desk

Kenai enhances our brand from the moment visitors interact with it. The team is also very professional and a pleasure to work with

Carien Cox - Systems Development Manager (Principal) at Bigen Group