Know exactly who is in your building

Kenai gives you accurate oversight over who is in your building in a smooth and transparent manner

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081 111 2222
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081 123 4567
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081 555 5555
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Verify the information you collect

Stop collecting false information by verifying each visitor’s phone number with a one time pin

Capture a consistent biometric

Kenai ensures that you get a well lit, well framed photo of each visitor through embedded facial detection

Accurate, accessible visitor logs

All your visitors are digitally logged and accessible via the web dashboard for easy monitoring

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Know who’s in your building

A detailed log of all visits, searchable by time, individual visitors or those still signed into the building

Cloud based web dashboard

All visitor logs are stored on a web dashboard, making them easily accessible on any device

Updated in real time

Watch your dashboard update in real time as visitors sign in and out.

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Centralized oversight of all your offices

Monitor visitors across all your offices on one central cloud based dashboard

Make your visitors more visible

Quickly identify the visitors in your building and pick up valuable information through custom visitor badges, automatically printed at reception

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Secure your intellectual property

Secure your IP through a digital visitor agreement which each visitor signs when they enter your building

Blacklist unwanted visitors

Log bad behaviour by suspicious visitors and get notified when they attempt to sign into your building in future