Stop covid-19

Introducing a covid-19 screening solution for Visitors and Staff.

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Signed Agreement LogNAMEVISITOR AGREEMENTSignedAlice WilliamsRemotelySignedThandi TshombeOn SiteSignedMark CooperNew Version Available

Complex compliance made simple

From data privacy to asset management and building rules, we facilitate all of your internal and external compliance needs

Supporting South African Business during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Learn more about how you can protect your facilities, employees and visitors during disease outbreaks.

stop covid 19 outline
stop covid 19
Kenai COVID-19 Visitor management toolkit
Kenai COVID-19 Visitor management toolkit
Check out the features that the Kenai team developed to help you manage your visitors during the crisis
Hear from our founders
Hear from our founders
A special note from our founders on how Kenai is doing all it can to assist during these tough times
COVID-19 Symptoms and prevention awareness poster
COVID-19 Symptoms and prevention awareness poster
A handy poster for you to show all of your visitors through the visitor agreement

Accurate, accessible visitor logs

Visitor profiles, with associated agreements and data capture are stored securely in the cloud for access when required

Visitor LogSIGNED INSIGNED OUTNAMEUn-verified15:36Savi GovenderRecognized15:36Verified15:36Thandi TshombeRecognized15:36Recognized15:36Alice Williams

Effortless searching

All visitor logs are stored on the web dashboard and are instantly searchable by visitor or date range

Filter and export

You can export the visitor logs and access any of the signed visitor agreements when required for an audit

Controlled access

Control who is authorized to delete data and keep a record of all your admin actions

Safeguard your visitors' data and privacy

Build trust with your visitors by giving them control and transparency over their data

Data and PrivacyNAMEThandi TshombeDelete DataAlice WilliamsDelete Data

Consent in a transparent manner

As part of the visitor sign in and pre-registration process, your visitors consent to the necessary data collection

Option to be forgotten

Visitors can choose to not be remembered at the end of the visitor flow, putting the power in their hands to choose between convenience and anonymity

Ability to remove visitor records

Automatically delete data after a time period that you set, or search for and delete visitor logs from the dashboard upon request

Provide full written disclosure

Disclose and email your data privacy policy to each visitor through a digital visitor agreement

Fully customisable

You determine the contents of the agreement to ensure full transparency with your visitors

Easily auditable

Each agreement is stored against a visitors profile for simple searching and viewing as part of your audit process

Print custom visitor badges

Display custom information on your visitor badges to ensure you meet your internal compliance needs.

lanyard of visitor
visitor face on lanyard
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Committed to security and privacy

Kenai is a company founded in an era where data privacy is a primary concern to both individuals and the companies that serve them. As a result, securing visitor data is built into the fabric of Kenai itself.