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Stop Coronavirus Icons

A guide to visitor management during the COVID-19 outbreak

Stop Coronavirus Icons
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Covid-19 is rightly front and centre of everyone’s mind. Minimising its impact has the whole world singularly focussed like never before. Regarding businesses and their continuity, one of the key causes of anxiety has been how to manage their workforce and associated activities (meetings in particular). While most companies are working from home at the moment, the important question is how businesses will return to their offices while making sure the spread doesn’t start up all over again.

At Kenai, we have put the following important measures in place to both educate visitors on the risks posed by the virus, as well as give companies the information they need to reduce the spread:

  1. Ask Covid-related questions to each visitor as part of the sign in flow;
  2. Refuse visitors with high-risk responses, if companies choose;
  3. Notify hosts and/or building security of a high risk response; and
  4. Inform visitors of best-practice to slow the spread of the disease

Asking the right questions

It has become best practise during the crisis to ask certain questions of your visitors when they enter your building, as illustrated below:

2x width fixed checkin

We provide our clients with suggested questions to ask each visitor, but let them customise these questions as they see fit as well. Each answer is stored on the web dashboard in real time for audit and reporting purposes.

These questions can also be asked as part of visitor pre-registration, providing you with the information you need before visitors arrive at your building.

Refusing visitors if you choose

As a strict precaution, you may refuse any visitors that answer ‘yes’ to any of the Covid-specific questions. This will take the form of an additional screen before the end of the sign in flow shown below.

Access Denie 2x

Keeping hosts and security informed

Should a client answer “yes” to any of the questions, the meeting host as well as any dedicated others, are sent an email notifying them of the visitor’s response. While we do not dictate our client’s response, we also facilitate a direct block of visitors who answer yes to any of the questions if required.


We created a suggested insert for the visitor agreement that each visitor signs on arrival at our clients’ buildings (Fig 3), which informs all visitors of the necessary precautions they need to take during the pandemic and what the common symptoms of the virus are. This is important not only for the safety of staff in your building, but to educate your visitors on necessary precautions that they may not be aware of. We are all in this pandemic together and the more we can educate the public on how they can contain the spread the better.

Group 362

We will continue to add new features to manage the virus and believe it is our responsibility as a business on the front lines of managing access to our clients' buildings to do as much as we can to reduce the spread.

Interested in using Kenai for your business's visitor management compliance? Click here to find out more or get a quote.