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5 Reasons Why a Visitor Management System Is Crucial in Today’s World

Visitor Management Blog
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While they may seem simple, a quality Visitor Management System can be a powerful solution for your business to manage the flow of people entering your physical workplace. Here are five reasons why a visitor management system is necessary for any business, big or small:

Visitor Management

1. Know who is in your building

Every business needs to know who is in their buildings - both for the safety of staff employees, and the protection of intellectual property or business assets. Not all visitors can be allowed to enter unannounced. A Visitor Management System empowers you to manage both planned visitors and walk-ins in a fully digital, streamlined and consistent fashion. This is maintained through a cloud-based log which collects data in real-time - including information from all visitors and contractors, the time they entered or exited the building, assets they carry, who they are seeing and additional information you may need from visitors. Need to change what you capture? Good visitor management systems give you the power to capture whatever you want about your visitors before they enter. Visitor Management Systems not only let your visitors capture this information before or when they arrive but also lets you track repeat visitors if they have completed their information before.

2. Health and safety requirements check

Health and safety is at the top of all building managers' priorities lists in the modern world. Informing visitors of your safety procedures, and having them acknowledge reading or watching a safety induction video is both time-consuming and difficult to manage without a digital system. Visitor Management Systems make this process seamless and easy. Health and safety procedures don’t need to be cumbersome if managed through the right system.

3. Communicate effectively with your visitors

Visitor Management Systems are about more than just capturing information before visitors enter your premise. It also forms a 2-way communication channel between employees and visitors or contractors. Do you need employees to confirm each visit is legitimate, or notify all visitors whenever an evacuation process kicks off? This is easily managed through a digital Visitor Management System.

4. Securely integrated with access control

Access control forms the barrier between unknown visitors or contractors and known employees (as defined through having an access card). Good quality Visitor Management Systems will integrate directly with your access control (both parking and building access control), and link the registration process with granting temporary access through your access control system. In this way, Visitor Management Systems act as a layer of intelligence on top of your hardware, which you can update and amend whenever you need to.

5. Data management and access

The modern world is full of data creation, making it difficult to manage at scale. A good Visitor Management System will not only help you seamlessly comply with any data protection legislation but will also form a scalable repository of information about all visitors, contractors and vehicles that enter your buildings. Through integrations and a built-in access hierarchy, this information can be pushed to any other systems that are allowed to see it, making it useful in creating seamless processes for your business.

Visitor Management Systems are not only crucial in helping your business achieve these things, but with Kenai, we assist you in customing this system to represent your business in a professional and impressive way - making the first impression a lasting impression for all your visitors.