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Employee screening

Product Launch: Kenai Employee Screening

Employee screening
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When your office reopens, you will need to screen your employees both off-site and on-site in a fast, simple way while keeping the process touchless. This is per the government's latest guidance on getting back to work.

The question of solving this in an affordable manner was posed to us by many of our clients. Our product infrastructure of pre-registration and on-site sign in for visitors put us in a good postion to do just just that - so we have.

With Kenai's Employee Screening solution you can:

✅ Screen employees daily through a weblink before they get to work

✅ Take a touchless, daily temperature reading of each employee and link it to the employee's profile

✅ Send automatic notifications to employees and health officers based on certain responses

✅ View and audit all screening logs through the Kenai web dashboard in real time


How does it work?

Employee Pre-screening

Employees access a weblink, confirm their identity and answer custom questions either daily or weekly


Answers are stored on the dashboard in real time, with notifications automatically triggered based on responses received.

On-site screening

On-site screening lets a designated party capture each employee’s temperature and other details through the Kenai Scanner.

Identity confired using facial recogntion, QR code, license scanning or manual entry

Capture temperature reading, appropriate hardware and more on each visit


Manage your companys policy, including blocking screens, automatic notifications and more


Robust, accurate data capture

Data logged live on the Kenai dashboard, with specific readings highlighted for easy visual

Search for specific employee readings

Automatic reporting for multiple location offices

Trusted, robust system


Kenai has signed in over 100,000 visitors

Trusted by Total, Massmart, Komatsu, TransUnion, Deloitte and others to manage their visitor process

Same trusted architecture used for employee screening.

Click here to find out more or to start a 2-week free trial