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Kenai - The Integrated Workspace Platform you are looking for!

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Hey! Let's tell you more about us...

Kenai was founded in 2018 with the exciting vision of changing the way businesses, employees and visitors interact in their physical workspaces. We utilize cutting edge technology to replace outdated and frustrating processes with new streamlined solutions that businesses can be proud of. Our flexible solutions enable real-time control, visibility and reporting into the flow of people and assets throughout a physical workspace.

Our collective innovations are assembled into a highly effective digital platform that enables secure operations through streamlining onboarding (on-site and off-site), screening, inductions, and access control. Kenai leans on our strong technical and integration skills to provide and support a front-facing platform to act as a central system tying all other workplace systems together. 

Our cloud-based solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, whether it be for a single office or an entire corporate campus. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their needs are always met. Our goal is always 100% customer satisfaction!

Kenai Overview

Why use Kenai?

  1. Impressive and easy onboarding - Users have their details filled in once and are remembered for subsequent processes.
  2. Automated processes, notifications and alerts - Kenai immediately sets off follow-up processes based on information capture and procedure. This includes processes on external systems and platforms.
  3. Integration with the office ecosystem - Kenai integrates into exiting office infrastructure and communicates with other workspace vendors.
  4. Flexible solution that caters for a multitude of processes - Kenai offers a broad and diverse scope of solutions for any size business and each solution has the capability to scale with each client as they grow.

Solving Essential Business Needs!

Create a seamless and impressive check-in process

Remember every user with facial recognition. Take all the stress out of booking parking, induction and COVID-19 screening with pre-registration. Connect visitors to hosts with notifications and alerts.

Enhance building security

Stop collecting false information by verifying personal identifiers and capturing a consistent biometric of every person that enters your building.

Meet compliance requirements

From data privacy to protecting your IP, Kenai facilitates all your internal and external compliance requirements.

Workplace health and safety

Make your workplace safe and secure by providing real-time oversight of your people and assets through logs, inductions, and critical alerts.

Integrated Workspace Platform

Integrate with existing workspace management platforms to enable seamless processes.

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