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Kenai on a tablet at a reception

The 2018 that was and on to 2019

Kenai on a tablet at a reception
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Host Notifications

To avoid the reception desk needing to phone the host each time a visitor arrives (and creating a long wait if multiple visitors arrive at once or certain hosts aren’t available), we introduced automatic host notifications after each visitor signs in. The notification is in the form of text (SMS), email and Slack message if required.

Visitor Agreement

Most companies have requirements for their visitors to be aware of, be it their building rules, their data privacy policy or an NDA they require each visitor to sign.

Kenai provided for all of these requirements through a fully customisable visitor agreement which each visitor signs as part of the visitor sign in flow. The agreement is stored on each visitor’s profile and available for viewing at any time. Importantly, visitors only need to sign this once and won’t need to sign it each time as the agreement is linked to their profile.

Visitor Pre-registration

A major requirement for our clients is the ability to pre-register visitors before they arrive at their premise - this in order to speed up first time sign ins and remove long lines in the lobby when large meetings take place.

Kenai developed a full visitor pre-registration process that is extremely simple for hosts to use. Hosts simply cc kenai into their meeting invites and visitors receive a link to complete their pre-registration - no more long lines at reception.

And many more updates

Visitors can sign out through the Kenai application as well as sign in. The sign out is logged on the web dashboard and makes it easy for building managers to see who is still signed into the building in the event of an emergency.

At the end of the sign in flow, as part of our commitment to data privacy, we gave visitors the ability to be forgotten on the Kenai network. When forgotten, their data is not stored on the Kenai network and the visitor will need to re-enter their details each time they visit the premise. We believe personal data belongs to the user and build Kenai in that philosophy.

We launched v2 of the web dashboard, which provided a tiered credentials hierarchy to facilitate multiple locations, improved search functionality and a more intuitive user interface.

What to look forward to in 2019

We will expand on pre-registration to add the ability for visitors to watch an induction video as part of the pre-registration process, as well as book parking and other admin that is best completed before your visitors arrive on site.

As part of the host notification process, we will give hosts the ability to respond to the notification confirming the visitor as legitimate or not, as well as indicating if they will be slightly delayed.

We will add multi-tenant functionality to the app to provide a single sign-in kiosk for multi-tenanted buildings, while giving each individual tenant their own visitor dashboard - a first in visitor management.

With multiple visitor flows, clients will be able to customise the visitor flow depending on the type of guest (interview, regular guest, contractor etc.) at their premise.

Based on demand from our clients, we will develop integrations into our client’s current systems to provide even more value from Kenai as well as provide the most requested Kenai specific analytics directly on the web dashboard.

This is just the start, and we look forward to many other exciting developments on the way to changing the way visitors interact with your company.

Want to know more? Check out the video below to understand why you should introduce Kenai at your business, or visit for more information.