Stop covid-19

Introducing a covid-19 screening solution for Visitors and Staff.

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Keep your visitors safe and informed

It has never been easier manage your visitor health and safety procedures.

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Supporting South African Business during the COVID-19 Outbreak

Learn more about how you can protect your facilities, employees and visitors during disease outbreaks.

stop covid 19 outline
stop covid 19
Kenai COVID-19 Visitor management toolkit
Kenai COVID-19 Visitor management toolkit
Check out the features that the Kenai team developed to help you manage your visitors during the crisis
Hear from our founders
Hear from our founders
A special note from our founders on how Kenai is doing all it can to assist during these tough times
COVID-19 Symptoms and prevention awareness poster
COVID-19 Symptoms and prevention awareness poster
A handy poster for you to show all of your visitors through the visitor agreement
Phone Verifiedphone-verified

081 111 2222

verified number

Verified Face
Phone Verifiedphone-verified

081 123 4567

verified number

Verified Face
Phone Verifiedphone-verified

081 555 5555

unverified number

Verified Face

Confidently contact visitors in an emergency

Increased confidence in the effectiveness of your emergency procedures through a verified contact number for each visitor.

Seemless safety induction

Painless, auditable induction for all of your visitor's either before they arrive, or on site.

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Induct visitors remotely

As part of pre-registration, your visitor's can watch an induction video and test understanding before their visit.

Real time induction status

he induction status is logged to the visitors profile on the web dashboard for simple auditing and tracking.

Manage compliance

Have visitors automatically re-complete induction after a set amount of time or when you upload a new video.

Disclose your building rules

Ensure your visitors are informed of your building rules and evacuation procedures through a digital visitor agreement.

Emailed to each visitor

Visitor agreements are automatically emailed to each visitor for their reference at any time during their visit.

Easily auditable

Each agreement is stored against a visitors profile for simple searching and viewing.

Identify your visitors

Quickly identify visitors who are currently in your building to help keep them safe.

lanyard of visitor
visitor face on lanyard
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